Friday, September 19, 2008

Report from the 2008 CRG Catskill Rodmakers Gathering

As I told you many times I'm always looking for an opportunity to get my rods tested by fly fishermans and bamboo lovers. Living so far here in Argentina don't make it easy for me.
Always I found a friend that helps me in this venture. Again this year with the invalorable help of Peter (Pvanch) from The Classic Fly Rod Forum, my dear friend Banjo and David Margolis, 2 of my rods got the privilege of being in hands of many friends casting some line out.

This is Pete's report:

"I met up with David Margolis; he picked the rods up from Sante and brought them to CRG. Saturday it poured so they stayed in the tubes, no one was out casting rods much anyway.
Sunday morning brought sunshine and rods to the rack to be cast, I strung up the "Forum Rod" with a Cortland 444 peach WF5 that is on my old Pflueger 1494 reel and it balanced out nicely and cast beautifully. Many cast the rod and enjoyed seeing one in person.

The Classic Fly Rod Forum Rod

I strung up the Guru rod with an older Cortland 333 DT4 line that seemed to be the best match I had for it. The reel was a Scientific Angler System 1 456, pretty good balance. This rods was well received and casting a pleasure as it was fairly windy.

The GurĂº Rod (owned by Banjo)

I only wish I had a decent camera, because of the language between me not knowing Japanese and Yukihiro not knowing much English, the smile on his face told the story of how he liked the rod (ear to ear grin). Yukihiro builds rods in Japan using Madake Bamboo so he was fascinated seeing another rod not made from Tonkin Bamboo.

Finally having a chance to play with the rods a bit more, today I’m meeting up with Jeff (catch22) to fish as neither of have been out lately. He will get the opportunity to cast both rods. He may have at Super Boo last year, but is anxious to cast them again. I line the “Guru Rod” with my Thebault silk DT 4 line and man was that a perfect combination, straight line casts both long and short; I’ll let Jeff try that combination today.
The Forum rod, like Sante said will cast just about any line you put on it, I have a stiff old unknown line that came a used reel I purchased, the spool has DT5 written on it so I’m assuming that’s what it is, and it casts that line very nicely as well. I have a few more people interested in casting and checking out the rods before I bring them back to Sante.

As usual the rods are beautiful pieces of work and working tools for catching fish."


Again Peter, my friend I don't have the words to thank you.