Thursday, November 22, 2007

The pleasure of casting a bamboo rod

Many years ago when I was learning to cast a rod, one thing obsessed me... distance. With the years I learned that many of the fish were under my feet or very near me. Then I changed my point of view and start searching for new forms of fishing. I improved my approach, I began to watch the river and learn from it and the most important thing, I started to get pleasure from every minute with one of my rods.
Now with more than 35 years fishing bamboo rods and many as a rod maker that is what I look into a rod, the possibility of communicate and enjoy casting.
I made a new rod that I like to show you. It's called "The Swab Rod". It was made for a casting demonstration that I will do at the Third Argentine Rodmakers Gathering next week. I can cast with easy more than 80 feet's, but I don't like it and you will understand why. (Video)
I can also cast more than 50 feet's using only my hands, but I can't enjoy this either. (Video)
I can use a glass rod or a graphite even a titanium, I do the job but they don't give me pleasure, this rods are so emptiness of soul...
Only bamboo gave me pleasure, only with a bamboo rod I can spend days at the water without the need of fish. Yes I enjoy every cast, every piece of time at the river is plenty of pleasure for me.
With practice any one can cast more than 100 feet's with a rod, 80 with my Swab rod or even 50 with his hands, but nothing will fill you more than casting a bamboo for the rest of your life.

Produced at Calviello Rods
Music by The Pat Metheny Group

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last works over the years

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Casting a Bamboo rod

One of my most appraised inheritance was given by one of the "masters" of fly fishing here in Argentina. He left me the touch for casting and feel of bamboo rods. José Evaristo Anchorena, "Bebe" as we called all, teach me all the fundamentals and the love for bamboo rods, also many secrets that always helped me to be in contact with any rod.
I remember when I was a child, to stay for hours looking at him and his "magic touch", he loved slow action rods and looking at him fishing the "Chimehuin Boca" is a picture that I would never forget.
This don´t try to be a casting lesson, I'll try only to leave here something that help me a lot when I got or try a new rod.

1) The grip is very important for me. My grip is the same one used to take a door-handle (see at the video).
2) I always look for a balanced equipment: rod, reel, line and leader.
3) I always begun casting a little amount of line and without using double haul.
4) When I got the timing, I start walking. This help me to keep my mind out of the rod action and force all to move with me.
5) After I got the "tempo" I start with a little double haul and start to walk again.
6) Full double haul and the dance start, the rod is a part of me.

Hope this can help you as always helped me.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

The BOBFS meet the Eiffel Tower at France

Some days ago I had the pleasure to send one of my rods to France. This one a CF683SE 3/2 was my first rod to this beautiful country. I received the following comments and pictures.

CF683SE 3:2(France).jpg

A thing for which I could not await was to put my
little Hardy Featherweigh on and cast it. I did that
for a while this affternoon ... in my building
underground car park :
very, very nice feeling. My old Dubos silk DT3 load
perfectly the rod. With an almost parallel cast (cause
the ceiling is rather low) 45' of silk were easily out
of the reel. The capacity of the rod to maintain silk
well right during the back cast is impressive. The
action is soft and accurate, and I guess a good
reserve of power in this little jewel.
River fishing is unfortunately closed since two weeks,
but I think I could't resist to try it in a private
pond soon.

Best regards from Paris


Some compliments

Hi Marcelo,
At first grand bravo to your Pumas ... supposed to be an amateur team !
Well, I don't get tired of watching your casting video ... a great lesson too, I'm going to spend my winter time lawncasting and trying to get your elegance.
Now, a few words about our business relationship :
What can I said or else that all was perfect : your reactivity to my mails and questions, the rod shipped as soon as you receive my payment... and finally when the rod arrive, the surprise to uncover the gorgeous tube witch go with.
After my first underground casts image I lawn cast your rod in our Burgundy's second home. After watching you, I really need to improve my double haul style but yet, I easilly put 60'+ of line out of the reel. The power of this marvelous toy is quite incredible. Sure, 70' casts aren't the right job for this rod, but it can do it when you ask it. At a fair distance, I land my fly where I want even in windy condition, as it was when I try it.
You know, I keep your rod in my office in Paris and when things dont go well, I make some coffee and put it out of its bag to have a look. Beautiful things seems to have a secret power...

Best regards from Paris


Jean Louis, thanks for your kind words. Pictures are wonderful. I will made a casting video in the following days hope you like it.
Enjoy your new rod and take it fishing every time you can.