Monday, October 29, 2007

Myths and beliefs about Bamboo Ferrules:


After reading the great discussion about Bamboo ferruled rods at TCFRF, I made some "quote" to let you know my point of view.

“The ferrules have a habit of coming apart however, which is pretty frustrating.”

That results typically from a "non-tapered" ferrule. The tuning has to be perfect in finishing each rod. But fixing this problem is relatively easy: just apply a coat of varnish to the male ferrule or a coat of epoxy (2-Ton brand) in the female ferrule.

“Sounds like a major league gimmick to me. I cast one rod with bamboo ferrules and it was good not great.”

Perhaps you don’t cast the right rod.

“Sounds like the same old adage of trying to reinvent the wheel.”

Thank God the wheel was "reinvented." The wooden variety wouldn't work well for most jobs today.

“I am sure that the rods are enjoyable more due to the good rod taper rather than the bamboo ferrule.”

It is true that any bamboo-ferruled rod must be designed first with a correctly working taper--a taper special to a bamboo-ferruled rod.

“I do not like the look of rods with bamboo ferules. I would prefer a splice joint, which looks more elegant.”

Beauty is often a matter of personal preference. Personally I dislike tape on a bamboo rod, which to me seems inelegant. Yet with care and effort a rodmaker should be able to make a rod that is aesthetically pleasing as well as a pleasure to cast.

“Therefore, it should also affect the taper?”

Certainly the taper is affected. That is why I design every taper used with my BOBFS.

“If there would be real benefit of bamboo ferules, we would see more builders using them.”

Taper design – time – hand planing.

“P.S. I still think bamboo ferrules are a really dumb idea.”

That is really "out of the box." Nevertheless I respect your opinion.

“That said, why don't more makers play around with glass ferrules?”

Bamboo seems to me the best and most natural ferrule material for a bamboo rod just as graphite ferrules for a graphite rod and glass ferrules for a glass rod seem appropriate.

“An obvious gimmick, and a passing fad. Like the horseless carriage.”

I hope the horseless carriage never passes from Detroit.

“In rods I'm making for myself, I see them as an inexpensive alternative to N/S. Not a fad or a gimmick, just a cost-saving measure.”

Many years ago a boss of mine used to repeat, "Time is money. Time is money." But to me, as a rodmaker, time, much time, is necessary for achieving the best possible rod: for designing the tapers, for hand planing, for getting the BOBFS just right.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

One of the last rods finished was "The Golden Salmon". This was a new taper that I designed specially for my talented friend Dr. Paul Hermann. Paul made one of the best reels that you can find in the world.
Paul hermann´s reels3

Paul ask me to make a Salmon Rod for him to fish Atlantic Salmon at The Cascapedia, next year. At that time I was also looking for a taper that let me fish "Dorado" here in Argentina, so the same taper was made in two different ways. Paul´s rod is a CFH867 8' 6" 2/2 Hollow Build Series and mine is the same taper but "SS" Sealed Series.
This will be a hard test for the rod, Paul told me that at the time he fish The Cascapedia big Salmon (30 pounds +) are taken, so I'm anxious waiting for the battle and some pictures.
I sent my rod to Paul, last week and I received this wonderful picture and a post at TCFRForum.

The Golden Salmon

Just got my new Atlantic Salmon rod....the "Golden Salmon" made by our own Marcelo Calviello.....8 ft 6 for 7wt line.....A masterpiece like this deserves a new reel to go with balances perfectly...This rod is fast...very fast, just like I like them... double haul most all the line with already has it's first engagement lined up in early June on the, it's a sweet casting rod...thanks Marcelo...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Question & answers about Bamboo Ferrules

Last weekend into The Classic Fly Rod Forum a question of a member ask about the behavior of Bamboo ferruled rods.

Here is the question by Boo...

Your opinion about Bamboo - bamboo ferrules
"I know there are several makers making bamboo to bamboo ferrules. But, I'd like to hear from fly fishers that actually fish them. I'd like to know if anyone has used one of these rods fo years and fish's the rod hard, frequently using them hours at a time, not just for the special occasion. They've really got my interest but I've read reviews from only the makers themselves. If you have a bamboo-bamboo ferruled rod and have fished it often for a number of years I'd like to hear your review or opinion on these rods. Thanks!"


BlaskHillsBill said

My favorite 7' rod for 4 wt is a bamboo-on-bamboo ferruled Special Editon from Marcelo Calviello, which I got in 2004. I fish it hard for ten days to two weeks on my annual June trip to my native Black Hills streams, then fish it several times at Henry's Fork in late August and early September. It is as good as the day I got it and will manage fish from 8" to 18"--and beyond, I suppose, but that's a maybe-next-season proposition. Waxing the bamboo of the male ferrule occasionally is all that's necessary, and putting it away dry of course. This rod has a wonderful capacity for shooting line, if that becomes necessary. If you've never seen one of Marcelo's rods, you're in for a treat when you do. Both his craftsmanship and the rod's cosmetics are flawless. And, yes, feel free to call that an endorsement.

Bill's rod

CF704SE "The BlackHillsBill" 7' #4 Special Edition Series

Arthurk said

"Bill described the typical Calviello rod very well both in terms of aesthetics and as a fishing instrument. I have 2 bamboo ferruled rods, an 8ft 2/2 5wt hb jaguar flame from Marcelo and an 8ft 2/1 Fries Hammer. Both are casting cannons that cast to the backing even on slightly breezy days. Marcelo's rod is faster action with a sensitive tip for casting leader only while Bjarne's rod is more parabolic and loves long pick-ups & rollcasting. BTW, bamboo ferrules allow perfect alignment as they are hexagonal in most cases. Marcelo's ferrules are easy to put together and take apart and needs occasional waxing to remain perfect while Bjarnes ferrules are very tight and can be tough to take apart after a long day's casting without his little gizmo but I'm not complaining. I find that loose ferrules happen ( even on graphites) due to bad casting technique especially poor tracking and I hardly blame the bamboo ferrule for this problem. I believe that bamboo ferrules will be another great modern maker's invention and to back my claim I am ordering more bamboo ferruled rods and even making one of my own. I also use my bamboo ferruled rods for saltwater/estuary fishing and they have held up to the tougher environment. For your information, the exposed part of most bamboo ferrules are impregnated for strength and water resistance. So far, I have no problems even after fishing in the tropical rain and high humidity of Singapore."

Good luck with your search

Arthurk's rod
CFH805+JF 8' #5/6 Hollow Build Jaguar Flamed Series

Another answers

Canerod said

"I fished an 8' three piece bamboo ferruled rod hard all summer and fall. And it spent the summer in my vehicle in Louisiana heat. It seems to have held up quite well.

I know I make rods, and therefore might not qualify to answer this question. But before I began to offer bamboo ferruled rods as an option on rods I sell. I wanted to make sure they would hold up. I'm impressed. Many thanks to Hans Schlecht, Marcelo, and others who helped start me down this path."

Kai said

"I have one. I like the way it casts. It casts as well as (if not better than) any rod I've used. The ferrules have a habit of coming apart however, which is pretty frustrating."

I sent a private message to Kai saying that if his rod was one of my BOBFS ferruled rods or not the problem could be solved easily. His answer was that it was not one of my rods, but we will be working in the following days to fit his ferrule problem.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dancing with Ghosts...


A discussion exists that seems to be installed within the community of bamboo rods lovers.
Collectors, fishermen and rod makers ask themselves everyday if they must fish their valuable properties.
Collectors said that they must protect them as a legacy for future generations.
Fishermen said that they honor past rod makers fishing their rods.

Meanwhile rod makers try to continue with the craft.

As a rod maker, I can assure you that "I love" that my rods are fished. I have to fight everyday to keep my craft going. Happens that all of us, the rod makers, have to play with totally different rules from those from the past. We have the "graphite", the "fiberglass", the "titanium" rod companies pushing for the market. Also, we are forced to compete into the "classics"markets for bamboo rods. I think, that sometimes this market show us, the modern rod makers, as a lower alternative... "If you can't get an original (classic), you can also look for a modern rod maker copy". I read many time answers like this one, and it made me feel very disappointed. Because we have a hard work maintaining this craft every day, running into the saturated fishing market. We can't use millionaire marketing budgets, as others do, to get our products known and have to fight alone with this. Only one thing push us high... and it is the recognition of "our people", the community of bamboo. Sometimes, this force us to show pictures of our work here, to tell what are we doing, using the "internet" as our only way to communicate, and them we are called "internet bamboo Gurus".
We're also forced to compete with the guys from which we learn what we are trying to continue, the craft... and I can assure you that is a difficult journey. Why ??? Because they are our idols..., our masters... and is really difficult to be compared with them before our own pass. Is very difficult to make a plan business thinking of rods that will been sold 50 / 100 or 150 years from now.
This tendency force present rod makers to copy existing "classic" tapers, instead of developing their owns and add fresh air to the craft. They were excellent rods, but "why" we must stop right there.

Personally, I believe that we all, are here doing our part to maintain this "flame" alive.

We need to learn to live with "the ghosts", because they are our inspiration.
We need to refresh our craft, because this is our mission.
We need to do our own work, as I always said, because this maintain our craft alive.
We need your support, because this encourage us to continue.
We need some recognition, and this is not for the glory necessity, it is because we need it to confirm that we are doing our work in the right way, everyday.
We need to work all together, because we love the same things...

Fly fishing, streams, fishes and fishing bamboo rods.

Just a thought...


Come on !!! PUMAS

I know, I know... this does not have anything to do with rodmaking and bamboo rods, but we are so proud about our "Team" that I think they deserve a little space here at my Blog.



Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Casting the New CF704SSS

This is a casting session for the CF704SSS. As you could see this is one example about the one cast taper that I look always into a new rod (final images at the video). Easy rod, smooth and great distance for a 7' #4.

New CF704SSS 2 tips

This is a new taper with a swelled butt and light flamed color. The rod was wrapped with Scarlet Pearsalls Gossamer and looks really "classic". It's a 7´#4 2/2 configuration Swelled Sealed Series.




Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day October 15º (The environment)

I really love this idea of the Blog Action Day. I think it's a great move and it will keep us thinking for a minute or two, considering what we can do, how any of us can help.
This world is our home... and sometimes we act as if any other were living on it.
I asked my daughter Mechi, to sing a song for me, and I'd introduce some images so please take a look and send this to your friends, show it to your son's, brothers and parents.
I'm sure that we can do something together.
The song is called "Honrar la Vida" (Honor life), I made a translation (please forgive me for the mistakes), and put some images on it.
Hope you like it.

Song belongs to Eladia Blazquez.
Liric's Mechi Calviello
Editing Marcelo Calviello

Thank you for take a look

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A New Jaguar

A new Jaguar Flamed was finished today. It's a CFH805+JF 2/1 8' #5/6 Hollow Buils Jaguar Flamed Series one tip configuration, with the new aluminum & Guayabira reel seat. Here are some pictures



Blog Action Day 2007 Video 2

Monday, October 8, 2007

Landscapes, fishing, bamboo, Argentina & Tango

This is a compilation of places, memories, fishes and rods. A part of my collection.
The music again, master Astor Piazolla "Uomo del Sud"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday's fish pictures

The Chafalote (Raphiodon Vulpinos) also called "machete", "dog fish" is another fish that we can find when we are fishing for Dorado. This spectacular fish is one of the most acrobatic, fast and voracious species that I have had the luck to fish. They goes from 15 up to 30 inches.


His terrible mouth make it difficult to be hooked.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

Rod making gave me the possibility to meet people from far away countries and after a 6 months of communication during the making process, I finish with a new rod and a new friend. This happened with Mr. Kuan Chee Yung (Arthur) from Singapore. Arthur is a passionated fly fisherman and he love bamboo rods. I made a CFH805*JF 8' #5/6 Hollow Jaguar Flamed Series and now I'm working into a "very special" new rod for him.


Dear Marcelo,

It is my pleasure to write about the Jaguar eventhough as I said earlier, I would have loved to attach some casting sequences, some rare freshwater catches and salt water catches with the story as this rod was designed with these dreams in mind... Anyway, you can call this first Jaguar Story Part 1 as I continue my adventures with this marvelous rod. I hope the story is nottoo long...

Jaguar Story Part 1

Marcelo, you are one of my most inspiring friends among the world's best rodmakers. Canerod flyfishing has been a 5 year journey and it wouldn't have been so enduring and pleasurable if not for your help.

My little tale about learning the art of cane rods started about 5 years ago when I posted a query about hexagraph rods and an admired friend TY (flycaster99) chided me by saying that I should not allow myself to be 'hexed' by ' bewitching mistresses' that are 'plastic' and instead should try out real cane rods. Fast forward a year later and I had become a Clarks forum regular. Another year and I had made friends with a bunch of really interesting, big hearted and funny folks whom I have the honor to call friends... and among the friends was yourself Marcelo and Ron Barch...

During the course of some 7 months I had the pleasure of seeing your experiments with Jaguar flaming and refining your craft as you kept my passion burning Latin Style with update photos and Viola! The prototype Hollowbuilt Jaguar Flame 5wt 8ft finally leapt into Lion City Singapore.

After a few days of lawn casting to learn to 'listen' to the rod, I finally unleash her on the Peacock Bass population one morning and promptly hooked one and lost a few ( which were naturally 'larger'). The rod performed beautifully from distance casting, roll casting, transmitting the throbbing take and finally playing the fish. I'd admit that the poor bass was truly outgunned by the rod but you wouldn't think it by just handling the rod which was both light and delicate. It was just a beautiful experience..... and yes, a few friends with me this morning didn't want to return me the rod after trying it and hooking up some fish as well!

This story doesn't end here as I subsequently owned top end 8ft 5-6wt canerods by great makers like T&T, Bjarne Fries and Wayne Maca and we had a 5-6wt 'shoot out' between bamboo and graphite rods( Winston BIIX, T&T Helix, Sage XP etc)during a Flyfishing Club Singapore gathering and guess what... all these good rods, bamboo & graphite, sent out the entire 100ft flyline for the good casters but all the casters including the 'plastic' boys agreed that the Jaguar is extremely light and is tops in terms of relaxation and 'feel'. Many were simply addicted to the action of the rod.

I have since fished the Jaguar with my canerod buddies many times and most times, I have to pry the rod from my buddies' fingers. Looks like everyone loves to tango with the beauty! The next step will be to hook Giant Trevallys and barramundis on this set-up but meantime, here are some of the available catch pictures... they are not big fishes but the wide grins tell all.

Thank you Marcelo and may our next rod bring bamboo rod design to new heights!

Best regards



PB on Jag 1

Charlie tango

Thank you Arthur I love that Peacocks on one of my rods.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New "custom" reel seat.

I was working into a New project for the last 2 days. I was wondering to design an Aluminum reel seat to be used with the "big ones" rods up #7. I finish my project and really like what I got. I think that this new option have an "antique" looking and really balance very good with the rod I used to test it. Please use the comment button and let me know what you think.