Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pictures of memory

The last day of our recent trip holds one of the best memory pictures that I own into my collection. It was about 7 PM. Sebastian and I had fishing all morning long up waters from the camp. The fish were taken dries during periods and we got very nice fish on small dries, most of them caddies. At mid day we decide to got some meal and to disarm the camp and get all packed into the truck.
We prepare some "mate" and before decide our last fishing we talk about what would be our last place to fish. After a few minutes, with a great storm waiting we walk downwater to take a look to this part of the river that we don't fish before.


With our rain jackets on we cross the river and start our little "scouting" trip. We found a new kind of river there. The coast was high with deep pools at any curve. Using a carefully approach we saw many fish there and 1 or 2 monsters.


Sebas told me, "Dad it's your time" I will point that fish for you from the coast. I tied my fly and carefully jump into the river...
He point some fish that were taken and at a time he said, "Dad, don't move... the fish of the year is right here under me. What is he doing I said. He is eating? he is alone? he is moving? No Sebas said... he is there like a rock, but please be careful because it's really big about 30" or more.
I was using my CF625SSS 6´2" #5 so I was able to cast a big fly and look if the fish attack trying to protect his territory. I tied one of ours "Gaucho tarántula" and put it ten foots up the fish location...



The cast was great and the fly floated death direct into the monster territory. Sebas shout, he is looking , he is moving, oh... he left it!!!. I thought that if the fish made a move he was interested but my fly floated with the current and was not a threat for him.
I decide to make another approach. I cast my fly again, this time about 20 foots up from the fish. The fly floated with the current and when it was near the fish I became to skate it over the surface... Sebas shouts again, "Dad, he is moving, he is going up..." at the same time that he shout "he take it!!!" the water was broken into million of pieces and my rod and I felt the magic moment of fishing, the take!!!


We both were connected for a moment, perhaps two minutes... but was enough to know each other. What a wonderful fish I thought, we two, the fish and I will have a wonderful story to tell and to keep into our memory. I will became a better fisherman and he a better and more difficult fish. This little story don't have a beautiful "photo" as it deserves, the fish gone... And trust me this is one of my best beautiful pictures to keep, because it will be always there present into my mind, closest to my best fishing memories...
For sure you can imagine Sebas words, "Dad, I have done all the work... I pointed a great fish for you, and you let it go... shit!!! Don't worry my big son, I said... I got him, I got him deep into my memories.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What kind of waters you prefer to fish?

When I returned from my last trip, we had a big "asado" here at home with family and friends.
Many stories about the trip were told and discussed with the group and some of them took outside my real preferences of places to fish. Here in Argentina we can decide to visit any place we like, but always my preferences are directed to public and wild waters.
For me, fishing is like a challenge, so I don´t like that nobody point me the fish, or the fly I must use, or how the approach must be done. I repeat... this are my preferences. I really enjoy to take "new" fish, instead of fishes that are taken week after week.
Argentina, is a big country with a lot of rivers that are public and symbolize a real challenge, that kind of fish are ones that you can be proud of fish. I'm not talking about size, I'm talking about fishing strategies, discovery, approach and all the things that turn this sport in a great one.


Catching or hunting for fish will be the kind of approach that you'll use most of the time. Discovering a "target" by your own will turn that fish more "yours" than ever.


A good take over a discovered fish fishing public waters will "really" make your day and will improve more and more all your knowledge about fishing strategies.

Yes, this is the way I enjoy fishing...


Always... nature, fish, water and a bamboo rod!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back from Patagonia... an incredible fishing trip

Yesterday we arrived from Patagonia... I'm missing it right now, and 18 hours ago I was fishing there, imagine...
We arranged a "scouting trip" to fish 2 Northern rivers the Pulmarí and the Malalco. I never saw more trout before this trip. Over 30' fish taking dries... rainbows, browns and even brooks. But as always, I will start from the beginning and invite you to come with us along the hole trip.

The Team

Sebastián is my big son, my friend and the best fishing partner I ever had. He fish with me from when he was a very little child and learn a lot over the years, he is a great caster and a hunting fish machine.

The car

This time he convinced me to leave my Land Rover and make the trip with his Volswagen Golf Country. Really I must say that was a great choice. We take 14 hour to leave back more than 1600 km. Very comfortable and with great space to charge fishing and camping stuff.

We arrived to Alumine city at 22 PM, the sun was shinning over the mountains because our summer hour change and this gave us time to complete some food buys and to get a place to sleep.
Next morning we drove about one hour to our first destiny, the Pulmarí river.


After we install our camping stuff we run to fish. We made a little research looking for targets and founded a lot of rising trout so we started fishing immediately.



After a few hours of fishing we meet to do a little talk because we were experimenting the same problem with our fishing. Many fish broke our tippets. Pulmarí river owns very strong rainbows and browns but something strange was happening. After a little discussion we arrived at the conclusion that the tippet material that we bought for this trip was outdated. We were using Frog Hair that is a great tippet material so the "outdated" though came strong fish after fish. We need to get our nylon replaced but this must wait to be done in the way to our next destination.




The camp


Our camp organization is always great and very comfortable, we take an airbed, our owns pillows, a fueled Coleman kitchen and a good assortment of chairs, lamps and camping stuff so we were as comfortable as at home.

Our next destination was the Malalco River. We made a little stop at Alunimé city and got new tippet material, but not Frog Hair because it was not available at the flyshop.
This was my first trip to Malalco and I was anxious..., this river runs into a big "estancia" that is owned by an Indian community. The beauty of this place is indescribable... magical... mystic and mysterious.
Everything happens here at different living time, you can breathe the peace of nature in the air.



Yes... all this is real, landscapes that will live with me forever.


UpcampMalalco UpMalalco

Araucarias Cane&cane

Our first walks at that marvelous river gave us incredible views of big rainbows and browns aligned at the river waiting for food. I promised me to buy a polarized lens to my camera because you will don't believe me if I tell you the size of the fishes we saw. So I promise that pictures for my next trip.
Somebody told me someday that big fishes grow to that size no for coincidence, they done because of their ability to select food and for intelligence, location at the river and for its strong fight for freedom. These big fish don't take any fly tied to a tippet over 6x or 5x, so imagine... 7' #4 bamboo rods and 6x tippet was our selected equipment, and yes we do it well.
Most of the big ones won the fight but we make the connection and that's right with me, after all I think that fish is not the final step of fishing, many other great feelings are involved into any fishing situation and the fish are another part of a dreamed day at the river.

Fishing pictures










In the third day we decide to make a horseback trip to the upside of the river to a place that the native called "The Dark Lagoon", another "magic" place.

Making the arrangements and the trip.



Ready to go

The trip


The place



The fish







Our stuff
We used more of the time along the trip two CF704SSS 7´#4 2/1 Swelled Sealed Series with double tapers floating lines.


I also used a CF765JF 7´6" #5 2/2 Jaguar Flamed Series.

And a CF625 6' 2" #5 2/1 Traditional Flamed Series (The wind fighter)

Another stuff "The Wind" our cloth dry machine.

The future of Malalco River.
Distance and inaccessible of this river help to his future and here also are some testimonials.


A chapter apart...
In our last day we decide to fish down stream from the camp and we found a place that we will never forget for the big fish we saw. Very, very difficult fish. They know many languages and to write also. The weather change in a fast way that day and the temperature goes down many degrees in a few hour, so the fish stop eating, but we made many contacts. I love this kind of fish and perhaps it will be our fishing target for our next trip. Here are some pictures.






A last comment, if you ever dream with a fishing trip to Argentina perhaps this one is a change that will not want to miss. I decide to make some special "Bamboo Friend Fishing Trips" at very affordable prices, so if you like to get more information about this programs please drop me an email and I will send you all the needed information.
Starting February 2008.