Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday's fish pictures

Land-locked Salmon (Salmo Salar Sebago)
One of the most challenging fish here in Argentina. You can still find some of them at the famous Traful River and into the Currhue Grande lake. Also I hear that was introduced into the Huechulaufquen Lake some years ago and some were fished at the Chimehuin Boca during the last seasons. Hope this action prospers because it will be great to have this marvelous fish at the "Boca".


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

This one is another rod that went to Japan. I remember my first contact with Emmanuel... He wants a rod to fish Japanese rivers and at that time I have a ready to go CF704 7' #4. The rod was sent to Japan into the same airplane that took the Boca Juniors Football Team to play the final of the World Football Champion Cup.
After this Emmanuel help me to introduce my rods into the Japanese market.
This is the last rod I sent to him for his personal use CFH704 7' #4 Hollow Build Series



I received a mail and pictures when the rod arrived to Japan.

This little email is to express you my gratitude for making such wonderful rods. I recieved your CF704, opened the tube and there: WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!! stuned by the classic finish of the rod. But that was just the start, cause then, I took it to the river... I know your rods, I had already a #4 Hollow build, and I really love it. So with the new one I was expecting pretty much the same sensation during casting, the 2 rods being the same line size, and about the same length. But I was not prepared for that, this rod is an absolute dream to cast. And at all range, the loop is perfectly tight, the turn over is flawless, and above all this sensation of easyness during the cast, even an average caster like me feels like Charles Ritz!
I should call this rod “OPERA” taken in the latin sens of the word: "masterpiece"!!

Thanks again

Emmanuel Pourchet



Thank you my friend.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Report from the CRG (Catskill Rodmakers Gathering)

A few months ago, I decided to make a "special rod" to be donated to The Classic Fly Rod Forum.
This rod was a CF805 8' #5 2/2 Traditional Flamed Series.


This was a "gratitude rod" to the Forum and all it's members, because they supported my work from the beginning. I have many friends there that encourage me every day, to continue with my work. They help, making me feel accompanied at this far part of the world and for sure that's very important for me, it's a way to speak "bamboo language" day after day.
The Forum decided to donate the rod to Casting for Recovery to be "raffled" and I'm very happy with this decision, it make me feel proud being a little part trying to help this great organization.


A few weeks ago Peter (Pvansch1) from the Forum, take the rod to the CRG and yesterday he sent this report to me.

I would like to Thank Marcelo first for building and donating a fantastic rod to the Classic Fly Rod Forum. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship, with his special bamboo ferruling system. This system removes the feeling of a “dead spot” from the traditional nickel silver ferrule.
I had the opportunity to cast this rod with a Phoenix Silk DT5 line and a Cortland Sylk WF5 line. It may well be my casting ability, or lack of, but the rod for me cast farther with the Sylk line.
The rod was available for anyone to try at the Catskills Rod Makers Gathering; it was well received and cast by many. I had the pleasure of speaking with and answering many questions about the rod. Hopefully all were as enthusiastic as I was to finally get an up close and personal look at Marcelo’s work.
With a relaxed casting stroke and mild haul, this rod would easily lay out 70+ feet of line, again my casting ability limited what the rod could really do. Watching others cast it usually brought a smile to their face and a “WOW”. Many people were able to lay out a whole lot of line with this rod.
In comparison to a few Dickerson 8013 copies I have cast this one fits right in with them. I would love an opportunity to fish it as I believe it would be as fine a fishing tool as it is a casting tool.
The rod came in a beautiful metal tube with custom made ends with a nice wood insert for the caps. All aspects of the rod are beautiful – It was donated to the “The Classic Fly Rod Forum” to be used as an auction item with the proceeds going to “Casting for Recovery” breast cancer cure. Please keep an eye out for it and purchase your tickets for a chance to win the Calviello and Trucco Rod, a Phoenix Silk Line and a Gary Lacey Reel.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

3 NEW Tapers...

I was working for the last 2 months with 4 NEW rods. The first one is a 8' 6" Salmon Rod Hollow Build Series for a #7 line, 2 tips, uplocking reel seat with fighting butt, full tipped... I baptized this rod as "The Golden Salmon".

CFH867 8' 6" #7 2/2 Hollow Build Series
Paul's rod.jpg

Other NEW one is another 8' 6" #7, this taper was designed specially for Dorado fishing. This one is an Hollow Build SS (Sealed Series) that also will allow this rod to do some fish into salt water. This are 2/1 configuration rod.

CFH867SS 8' 6" #7 2/1 Hollow Build Sealed Series
CFH867SSS (1).jpg

Another new CFH867SS
CFH867SSS (S).jpg

The last one is a taper that was surrounding my mind for years. It's a 7' true #3 rod. For my experience the perfect rod for little streams.

CF703SS 7' #3 2/1 Sealed Series

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fishing stuff...?

Yesterday, a customer came to the shop to take his rod, and I received from him a present that I will never forget. I think, that I was always looking for a companion like this one for my fishing trips. I love photography, and I always go with a camera with me, but this one is a jewel.
Why?... because it take care for itself. It's a new model from Olympus, 7.1 megapixel, 3x optical zoom, waterproof 10 ft, shockproof 5 ft and freezeproof -10ºC/14ºF. I don't need any more...
Imagine all the great possibilities with this new tool!!!
The model is the Olympus Stylus 790 SW

swpost.jpg swtras.jpg


I'm anxious to make my first trip with it, I'll report results for home and fishing pictures nearly. Obviously no commercial interest here. I only want to share this new partner with all of you.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday's fish pictures

The "Pejerrey" or (Basalichthys bonariensis) is also knowed as "Silver arrow". This fish is one of the most popular fish here in Argentina. You can find it at lakes, rivers and also into the sea. They grows up to 2/3 pounds, about 30 inches. Normal fish are 15/20 inches long. It´s very popular because is very good to eat. It's fished with floating lines (not fly fishing ones) with 3 or 5 bouys and with the hooks very near the surface. Last year we made a try with fly fishing, using a #4 rod a floating line and little epoxy flies (like little shads), our surprise was great when we got a lot of them with great fight and high air acrobatics like Salmon. We need a little more of investigation because this fish moves on great schools and there are a little hard to find... but we will do in the mean time.



Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

Years ago when I decided to begun to export my rods into new countries I received this email, from a man that I only know from his famous newsletter "The Planing Form", Mr. Ron Barch.

Good Morning,
My name is Ron Barch and I am the editor of an intenational newsletter called The Planing Form. The newsletter links split bamboo rod makers from 15 countries.
A friend told me about your website and I find it most interesting, especially your use of native bamboo. You are the first makers to seem to have success with cane other than Arundianarai amabilis. I wish I could travel to Argentina to cast of one your rods.
Also, your use of a new ferrule design makes your rods unique in the commercial market. We have used such ferrules in North America but never on rods for sale to the public.
I would very much like to tell my readers more about your split bamboo rods and constructions processes. Any added information or printed material you could send me would be most appreciated. If you would like to know more about me check out the website
Also, if you send me your mailing address I will send you some copies of The Planing Form newsletter.
One more question. Do have representatives in North America? If so I could contact them and maybe get a chance to cast one of your rods.

Best Regards,
Ron Barch/editor
The Planing Form newsletter

At that time I had sent 3 rods for evaluation to Mr. Art Lee, Mr. Ernest Swchiebert and Mr. Martin J. Keane. Another one was my first "Guru Rod" that goes to Mr. Sante Giuliani (Banjo).
I decided to send a new one to Ron, because his knowledge about rodmaking and rodmakers will gave me also a great evaluation about my work.
I decided to send him a CFH836 8' 3" #6 Hollow Build Series.


CFH836 2.jpg

This was the article that was published by Ron after the rod was received and evaluated.

Nota The Planing Form.jpg

Barch 5.jpg

Barch 3[1]C.jpg

Thank you very much Ron... this are great memories for me and for the pictures I know that you´re enjoying that rod.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Storm... Salmon memories

After a big storm here in Buenos Aires, my server was down for the last 5 days. This gave me the time to refresh some memories and the following was the first that cames to mind.

Location: Patagonia, San Martin de los Andes, Currhue Lake.
At that time the Currhue was a great lake with a big population of Salmo Salar Sebago (Landlocked Salmon).
I was there with Sebastian and Florencia my big children. At that time 6 and 4 years. We arrived to that lake early in the morning after a long and difficult trip.
We took some coffee and I decided to go to the other bank of the lake because nobody goes there. We start with a long walk across the forest and I took on my back a big pack full of toys and babysitter stuff.
In the middle of the trip we have to cross a bridge over a small creek called Arroyo Verde (Green Creek). I decided to follow the creek and get his source into the lake. After walking about 20 minutes we had to cross a big tree fallen into the river. So I help Sebas to cross and carry Florencia at my back and start the job. In the middle of the cross I saw something that bring my attention, two shadows under the tree. The light wasn't good so my imagination work and work. I told the children to stop making noise for a minute or two and let me confirm my suspects. A little ray of sunlight helps me at that time and I saw two beautiful Salmon under the big tree. A couple about 5 lb. for the male and over 8 lb for the female.
I told the children that I like to make some cast there so we made the camp about 20 meters from that tree. 8 o’clock.
My wife wasn't there so I know that it would be a difficult job. That was the middle of the forest so the child’s were haunted.
I arranged my rod, an Orvis Battenkill 4 ¾ (Joe Brooks Favorite) and my Orvis CFO IV reel. Greased my line and start to think about the best way to approach that fish.
At that time I had a big amount of flies into more than eight boxes into my vest. The fish were just under the tree; they were still there like statues. No moves, no feed, nothing…
I studied the situation… a down river approach was impossible
because of the tree, so I went up river and start a cast with a little Hare ear’s but the line doesn’t get the right depth and the fish don’t move. I don’t like to keep you here reading all the day long so I will make a synthesis.
The day goes, and at midday we take a lunch and some problems starts because all the toys were used, all the sings were singed, and my patience as babysitter was lost.
In the first part of the day I changed my fly about twenty times so I was in the need of a new strategy. I decide that a good nap was a good point to start the change. We sleep up to 16 pm and after that everything becomes new for the children and they start
playing again.
I decided to go down stream and make some cast upstream.
Y tied and cast some dries without results. I cast a big nymph and this one disturbed the fish and makes them go.
Imagine I spend about 10 hours with this fish and in a minute magically they disappear.
I stay there immobile looking at the empty spot, I was a beginner at that moment, but my pride was hurt.
I called the child’s and begun to put the place in order to go. Collecting a big amount of paper and bottles and working in that place like a gardener because I need time to give a chance to the fish to return there.
This creek was very narrow so I supposed that they could not find a better place and with a little of time and quiet they’ll return.
30 minutes later I ask my child’s for the last opportunity and we went there to take another look. Yes… they were there!!!
Now with a big amount of pressure because of the two little spectators saying “Now Daddy”, “you can take them now?” “Come on Daddy”, I start my approach again.
The fish were a little in front of the tree now but it was a difficult cast again because the tree don’t let me pass the fly, but I decided to try my last chance.
I tied a big Honey Blonde, look for the best place to make the cast and put my mind into the target. I made the cast and stop the fly right in front of the tree. A second pass, and the big male take it. What a beautiful take!!! The child’s shout and run and I feel like a proud fisherman and like an hero.
I took the fish out, imagine the children faces. What an adventure… I released the fish and he goes deep into the water.
I took a look to the tree and the female was still there. Why not? I thought and decided to repeat the cast. And yes… she took it. After a great fight Sebastian took this picture. What a day!!!

Nearly 14 hours fishing for the fish and nothing. Them in 6 minutes I got them with only two casts.
That day was great, fishing with children is great, salmon are great, memories are great, fly fishing is great and life is great.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thoughts about taper design

I love to cast any bamboo rod.
I got more than fish doing that.
I mean that I really enjoy walking a river with my rods. Is not the same when for one cause or another I need to use another type of rod. There's something missing... At that times I need fish or I feel that my day was lost.
However when I use my bamboo rod I enjoy each cast, each looking and each fish.


As a caster, I enjoy every cast. Everything that my rod turns into a loop, but as a fly fisherman I need a little more... One of the learns that I got from more than 35 years fishing bamboo rods is that I want my fly 80 per cent of the time, in the water. I look for rods that let me do that in no more than one or two cast. So when is time for taper design, I look for 3 basics.

1) Balance
2) Response
3) Confidence


1) Balance not only point into a good weight proportion, also I look for it when I need short or longer cast and also when I need a slow cast or a fast one. This make that your rod that is heavier than a "G", feels lighter at the end of the day.
"Bamboo rods are heavier than "G" rods". I´m tired to heard about this conclusion. What you get from one and what for the other? How many false cast you need to do with one and how many with the other? When you take a fish... hows performs one and how the other?
I got my own thought, yes bamboo rods are heavier but... at the end of the day I´m not tired as that days when I fish "G" when I finished not only tired but bored also.

2) Response = power transference. This is not but to obtain exactly what I request to it. Sometimes, specially when we are in the middle of a "hatch" our targets are moving from one point to another, here the angles change, the wind change and sometimes we need to change our cast in the air. If you can do it, that is response... Short or long, slow or fast, right or left just in seconds...

3) Confidence is what push me to get one rod over another to fish different kinds of waters. This is not a property owned by the rod, we acquire this feeling after many years of use or just in a minute. This depends in the communion between you, your rod and the selection of the right stuff, line, leader and fly.

More about tapers design?


Monday, September 10, 2007

Why... Bamboo?


Why we love Bamboo rods?
Why we look at them as pieces of art?
Why we take care of them with such kind of protective feeling?
Why at winter time, we take them out of their tubes only to take a look?
Why we walk proudly when we go into the river with one of them?
Why we always want a search for a new acquisition to our collection?
Why we wait up to 4 years to get one on order from an "x" rod maker?

Well to many whys...

I believe that something has to do with the attraction that "man" has had with wood. Wood was the first supplier of heat and lighting. As all "natural materials" it gave us a special "touch" and we feel protected.
It would seem that wood has transmitted to us a warm and confidence sensation over centuries.
Think that when we want to make some place "warm" always the wood is there, like a living room or the interior of a sophisticated car. Another important issue seems to be the "unique" properties of any bamboo rod, because all have their own "character" their own "soul".
Just imagine for one second if your woman or your children were all the same, same looking, same name, same character... I already know... I'm exaggerating, but think for a moment, what would make us love, pro weave or take care of them... What make our family or our friends so special?.
And now, what happen with graphite rods?. We know that they are many other over there with the same character, the same looking and if something happen we can get a new one. That's why we don't feel the same for them.
Another thought is the pleasure to own a part of history with us. We know that any rod was made with care and protection, with properties methods and we know that they are irreplaceable, and we are the "guards" for this "tradition".
Well to much for today, is raining the shop is alone and I need to write just what it comes to mind. I'll love to know your thoughts about this "whys", so please use the "comments" button and we can arrive to some conclusion.

(Picture by Sante Giuliani)

A jewel from the past

I found this jewel yesterday, take a look it's a wonderful video.

Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon

Enjoy it!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday's fish pictures

The San Pedro


The San Pedro (Crenicicla) is another of our native species here in Argentina. This territorial fish from the cichlid family is a challenge for a little #3 rod. It grows up to 18 inches and take dries, nymphs and little streamers. I have the luck to have it into a lake at my golf course very near home.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

This is a big story of a little rod...


About 2 years ago, I designed the Short Series. These are little rods that were made to fill a delicate type of fishing for very "distrusted" rainbows that I use to fish at Sauce Chico stream in Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires. I started making one for my personal use that was sold one day after it was finished. Them I decided to go for the second one, the history was repeated and it went to Japan a week later. The third one was made again thinking firmly that I will keep it.
As always I published a picture of the finished rod at the Classic Fly Rod Forum. One day after that, I received an email from Mr. Paul Fischer that said: "Marcelo I want that rod... " I tried to explain Paul that was the third time that I try to make this rod for my use and if he like it I can make a new one for him. Paul was convinced that he wanted the rod that he saw at the picture and as you can imagine the rod was shipped to the US in the following two days.


I received this letter from Paul talking about his rod:

Hi Marcelo,

What can I say about my beautiful "little Jaguar flamed"??

I can say that it's one of the best bamboo rods I've ever cast and very versatile!

When most people think of the "little rods" they quite often shy away from them because they think of their limited use. They are correct sometimes when they think that, but your rods are the exception. With your bamboo ferrules and lightweight rods a magical experience is witnessed each time I use that rod. When I need a little (or allot) more casting distance my little Jaguar gives it to me. The weight factor, even on a small rod like this, still comes into play. It's like holding a feather in your hand and becomes an extension of your arm. You can aim and place the fly anywhere you want it. The hidden "power" that comes from the bamboo ferrules on a longer cast makes it seem like I'm using a much longer rod. And when you're fishing for native brook trout in the mountains of Pennsylvania it is truly the perfect rod, and will handle even a 20 incher!!

The cosmetics are second to none and this rod is one of my favorites in my bamboo arsenal, and IS my favorite in the smaller rod category.

Keep up the good work!!!

Paul Fischer
Bethlehem, PA USA



Again... I love this letter and those wonderful pictures!!!
Big fish... little rod that is simply magic, thank you Paul for take my rod (sorry your rod) fishing!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

CRG Catskill Rod Maker Gathering

Pvansch1 (from the Classic Fly Rod Forum) will be casting the "C F R F Rod" that I made and donated to the Forum in the Sylk vs Silk line competition. It's a CF805 8' #5 and it's a casting machine. It is also there for folks to look at as they are still working on the surmountable logistics of having it raffled off for Casting for Recovery.
Stop by if you're there to have a look and give Pete a good luck wish.
I will be waiting for the results with my crossed fingers. Come on Pete!!! Show everybody what you can do with a BOBFS rod.


One of the "Big Ones" was finished

I was working hard the last 2 days, but... the work was done. When I returned from my "Dorado trip" I decided to make a rod with special features to cover this "marathon" type of fishing.
I needed a taper that let me cast big flies, to long distances, a rod that can hold a #7 floating line or a Teeny 200 Shooting taper. Also a rod that feels light but... with big backbone and strong as a rock.
I finished with a CFH867SS 8' 6" #7 Hollow Build Sealed Series. The rod because of the BOBFS (Bamboo on Bamboo Ferrule System) performs like a 9' and I was casting it today at the lawn.
Not the best day to do it because is one of these hard humidity days, practically without any kind of wind. Dense very dense...
Average cast using a WF7F line between 98 & 105 feet's... not bad. I couldn't take measures for the Teeny, because they were out of limits of home.
I'm really happy with this rod and I know that it would be a Classic.
This is how it looks.




Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finish your season with a NEW rod

I reduced prices for some rods ready to go... so if you are looking for a new fishing experience please take a look at the September offers at



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dancing with "Boos" III

Here's the transformation process. Again "dance" can be used as example. Why?... because again a couple are going to share all this experience. I like to compare this stage of the rod making process with "Tango" because very passionated actions take place at this moment. After I select the piece of cane and the taper to use, I need to convince her... The piece of cane must be cut, measured, separate in pieces, nodes are taken, all under pressure... but with grace, with passion, with love to get "her" convinced to finish as a blank that would be the first part of the magic transformation from a dead piece of grass into a great fishing bamboo rod for the rest of it's life.
That's the reason why, I love to hand planing all my rods, because I dance with my partner every step of this wonderful music, and while transformation flows, after any step I know more and more about "she".
Music by one of the masters Astor Piazolla "Cité Tango".

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday's fish pictures


Native name "Dentudo" (Oligosarcus Hepsetus). This fish can be found in many fresh water rivers and lagoons here in Argentina. Normally is taken when we're looking for other fish like Dorado or Tarariras, but he itself could be a great fly fishing option if we use the correct stuff.
I prefer to use one of my Short Series Rods the 5' 10" with a #3 line and dry flies.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

Some years ago, I made a special "One Tip" Rod Series. This help me to introduce my rods into markets like United States, Canada, Switzerland, UK and others. This rod was made to Mr. Bob Ross from US and is a CFH806OT 8' #6 Hollow Build One Tip Series.


I received the following email from Bob after he fished his new rod:

Hi Marcello,

I had a great day yesterday on the Upper Provo using my CFH8060T.

I have been using this rod a lot lately.

I consider it a great all purpose rod for everything but the small creeks in this part of the world - Utah, Idaho, Montana.

A lot of our waters are still quite high from a big snow year - so the fishing right now can involve a lot of dry/dropper rigs with a little bit of lead to get the nymph down.

Not the perfect set-up for most cane rods - but this rod handles the awkward rig without any problems and then when I put on a dry fly.................sweet.

This picture shows the best fish of the day - a 19" Brown Trout.

I am the guy with the gray mustache holding the rod - the young man holding the fish is Ryan Barnes.

Ryan guides out of our best fly shop......Western Rivers and he is a member of this years USA Fly Fishing Team that will compete in the International competition in Sweden in August.

Ryan worked for Jorge Truco as a guide for a couple of seasons a few years ago - SMALL WORLD!!

Ryan asked to cast your rod and really liked it.

Bob Ross


I feel great every time I receive some letter like this one because I love to see my rods "in action", I always claim "please take your rod fishing every time you can", because when I made one of my rods, my mind points only in one direction "F I S H I N G"


Thank you very much Bob!, for your email and for that wonderful fish.