Saturday, July 28, 2007

Two Magic moments

I remember, long time ago... my beginnings. At that moment, I was a crazy collector of Bamboo rods and work on marketing in my own advertising company . I spend lot of hours looking at my collection. Looking each rod trying to found his secrets, smelling at his particular flavors, feeling his different actions. Argentina was not the right country to found Bamboo rods, but with the help of my mentor Mr. Jose (Bebe) Anchorena and a group of good friends my collection begun to grow up to more than 50 rods.


Many famous gentlemen like Mr. Payne, Mr. Leonard, Mr. Dickerson, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Thomas and others help me to acquire "the feel" and the touch of the great Bamboo makers. After looking and casting a lot of rods I got the sense of what I have to look into a fishing rod. At that time also, something inside me said, that I have to try to make one. This idea sounds crazy at that moment , but you know time... can do "magic".
Nobody knows nothing about rod making in the country, no information, no tools, only my desire. Then the first "magic" moment appear, a book... a great book "Classic Rods and Rodmakers" by Mr. Martin J. Keane put my mind dreaming about making my own rods. I had got from that time many technician books trying to found answers and a road to go. But I feel that I was in the need of a better approach.
Mr. Keane's book was the answer. I must confess that I read this book more than one thousands times, every night I got a meeting with those fine gentlemen. The book let commit me into their different styles and thoughts about rod making. It was like a big gathering where I was able to meet everyone in person. I know about it's lives, his families, his working, his feelings. It was a great tour into the rod making world.
The years happened and the other magic moment happen some years ago when I received a letter from Mr. Keane speaking about a rod that I sent to him. Imagine the moment... This letter was fresh air for me, he was talking about my work, about my dreams... this was really magic and put me floating in the air every time I read.
Here is a publication of one of his fabulous catalogs with one of my rods in the front page.


With the number #27 my rod was printed near the rod makers names that I admire. It was a CF764 a 7' 6" 2/2 rod for a #4 line

And this was his praise


This was for sure one of the most important and magic moments on my hole fishing and rod making life and it convinced me that dreams can become reality.


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