Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The crisis is here... and now what?


They are trying to sell this new crisis to us as if it were the last, the world finish... All the civilization all around the world are bombed by the news in all kind of media, speaking about default, bonds and equities, banks, salvation plans, money...money... money.

I know that this chaotic situation is new for many of you, but I can tell you by experience that as my grandmother always said "whenever it rained stopped". The world along the years passed by very strong and difficult times and we are here.
The big threat here is to fall into the mouth of this campaign. I will not ignore that all of us have problems and we must be prepared but for sure I will not live every minute of my time and my family time pending for a crisis that I don´t made and that I can´t solve.
Time is our best value and one of the things that we cannot buy with money...
Moments like this one, generates great opportunities fundamentally to enjoy life, to enjoy more time with family, to take your son fishing, to enjoy your tackle treasures...
I remember when I was a marketing man, running my own company... I was the owner of one of the biggest bamboo collection in the country but without time to fish them... Them the crisis of 2000 in Argentina came and I decided to change my life completely.
More time at home, more time with my wife, more time to my children... I got the possibility of see them grow daily. I got time to use my rods, time to read books, time to tie my flies, time to think about rods and time to made them.
So when I think about the loss in the mouth of that crisis, I always thought "Thanks God to show me the real way to enjoy and live my life".


Don´t live pending of the news.
Try to spend lots of time with family.
Enjoy your life
Enjoy nature
Go fishing!!!

Just a thought

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