Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Flying all over the world

I received today a story from my Singapore friend Kuan Chee Yung (Arthur). The story praise about one of my oldest rods a CF704 7' #4 made many year ago and with a very good tale of fishing different places and different fishes.
Here´s is from my friend's words.

"Of late, I've been fishing very light & short rods as my casting has improved, I fish bushy country, and the spooky fish prefer very small flies. Estuary fishing has been bad due to weather and land reclamation destroying my beloved mangroves. As such, all the Jaguar Flamed canons have not been fished often.... but here is an interesting story.....

I was about to order a new light weight Calviello from you when forummer Erik Osterby put his 7' 4wt Calviello for sale. I jumped on it and now it is with me. As you know, this rod has experienced a long and interesting journey around the world.. First sent to David Edel (Denver), then consigned to Ron Shanaver (Wisconsin) who mistakenly shipped it to Erik in Hawaii. Erik kept the rod as it was really nice but subsequently loaned it to Len Safhay (Cloozoe), as it reminded Erik of Cloozoe's Heddon, and who subsequently fished it hard and broke a tip. You kindly made a new tip that was sent to Banjo with his Guru rod, where Peter Van Schaack picked it up in Maine during Superboo to deliver to Streamer but couldn't meet him, he then tried to delivered to Marty DeSapio (Horsesho)in Roscoe's Catskill Gathering but Marty did not turn up. It was finally delivered to Cloozoe in Somerset and now Cloozoe has sent it to me after braving the Draconian Customs!! The replacement tip lost it's ferrule plug somewhere between Cloozoe and Argentina but I fished the rod with new tip and caught a nice peacock bass on it's maiden Singapore trip (picture attached). I fished the rod in the toughest spot where I had to throw 4wt line 40 plus ft with tall bracken bushes and short trees all around and just a small casting space between 3ft and 7ft and a backcast space of 25ft. I hung up a few times at first but had perfect control after 5 casts and hooked this nice 3lb fish. Another larger fish tried to bite it while I was fighting it... see the bruises. It was returned with fight still in him.

Hope you like the picture and thanks for the rod you made that finally became mine.... and for the many famous friends it made on it's long journey to me."

Older CF704 with Peacock Bass

I really love this stories about fishing... Thank you very much my friend!!!

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