Thursday, November 22, 2007

The pleasure of casting a bamboo rod

Many years ago when I was learning to cast a rod, one thing obsessed me... distance. With the years I learned that many of the fish were under my feet or very near me. Then I changed my point of view and start searching for new forms of fishing. I improved my approach, I began to watch the river and learn from it and the most important thing, I started to get pleasure from every minute with one of my rods.
Now with more than 35 years fishing bamboo rods and many as a rod maker that is what I look into a rod, the possibility of communicate and enjoy casting.
I made a new rod that I like to show you. It's called "The Swab Rod". It was made for a casting demonstration that I will do at the Third Argentine Rodmakers Gathering next week. I can cast with easy more than 80 feet's, but I don't like it and you will understand why. (Video)
I can also cast more than 50 feet's using only my hands, but I can't enjoy this either. (Video)
I can use a glass rod or a graphite even a titanium, I do the job but they don't give me pleasure, this rods are so emptiness of soul...
Only bamboo gave me pleasure, only with a bamboo rod I can spend days at the water without the need of fish. Yes I enjoy every cast, every piece of time at the river is plenty of pleasure for me.
With practice any one can cast more than 100 feet's with a rod, 80 with my Swab rod or even 50 with his hands, but nothing will fill you more than casting a bamboo for the rest of your life.

Produced at Calviello Rods
Music by The Pat Metheny Group

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