Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Casting a Bamboo rod

One of my most appraised inheritance was given by one of the "masters" of fly fishing here in Argentina. He left me the touch for casting and feel of bamboo rods. José Evaristo Anchorena, "Bebe" as we called all, teach me all the fundamentals and the love for bamboo rods, also many secrets that always helped me to be in contact with any rod.
I remember when I was a child, to stay for hours looking at him and his "magic touch", he loved slow action rods and looking at him fishing the "Chimehuin Boca" is a picture that I would never forget.
This don´t try to be a casting lesson, I'll try only to leave here something that help me a lot when I got or try a new rod.

1) The grip is very important for me. My grip is the same one used to take a door-handle (see at the video).
2) I always look for a balanced equipment: rod, reel, line and leader.
3) I always begun casting a little amount of line and without using double haul.
4) When I got the timing, I start walking. This help me to keep my mind out of the rod action and force all to move with me.
5) After I got the "tempo" I start with a little double haul and start to walk again.
6) Full double haul and the dance start, the rod is a part of me.

Hope this can help you as always helped me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcelo,

Loved the sequences. It is tough to see the flyline but really nice imagining the grace and power you put into each stroke. Does the rod swoon in passion after the tango?;-)


Marcelo Calviello said...

Yes Arthur, I know that the line is hard to see. I´m looking to improve this one. I really enjoy casting and feel a great passion every day I do.
Over the years I really feel a connection with any of my rods, and also they love Tango...
Thank you for your kind words, I have your new rod "dancing into my mind".


Anonymous said...

A lovely post - your casting is superb - make it look so effortless !