Monday, December 3, 2007

Four days... Totally Bamboo speaking

I returned from the 3th Rodmakers Gathering here in Argentina. We were a very reduced group because this is a difficult time of the year to leave work and home. Our destiny was a paradise. About 550 Km from Buenos Aires, Fortín Chaco an old "estancia" located near Sierra de la Ventana. We fished the "Chico River" a challenge with very difficult trout.

Fortín Chaco

You have to be like a hunter to catch some trout here. Your line, your shadow, any noise will take them far away from you.



This little streams are great to fish with a bamboo rod, all the nature involved turn this kind of fishing into a magic experience.



For sure you also got your recompense.


We really enjoy this four days speaking bamboo all time, great friends, great meat, great wines, great rods to cast and a wonderful river. I also made my casting demonstration using my "Swab Rod", here are some pictures



We will see the Chico River someday next year, I´ll dream with it!!!


1 comment:

Jay said...

Sounds like a nice meeting & have lots f fun talking about bamboo.
But I don't build rods, so I guess I'd loose the talk when it's about tapers, instruments, etc.