Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What kind of waters you prefer to fish?

When I returned from my last trip, we had a big "asado" here at home with family and friends.
Many stories about the trip were told and discussed with the group and some of them took outside my real preferences of places to fish. Here in Argentina we can decide to visit any place we like, but always my preferences are directed to public and wild waters.
For me, fishing is like a challenge, so I don´t like that nobody point me the fish, or the fly I must use, or how the approach must be done. I repeat... this are my preferences. I really enjoy to take "new" fish, instead of fishes that are taken week after week.
Argentina, is a big country with a lot of rivers that are public and symbolize a real challenge, that kind of fish are ones that you can be proud of fish. I'm not talking about size, I'm talking about fishing strategies, discovery, approach and all the things that turn this sport in a great one.


Catching or hunting for fish will be the kind of approach that you'll use most of the time. Discovering a "target" by your own will turn that fish more "yours" than ever.


A good take over a discovered fish fishing public waters will "really" make your day and will improve more and more all your knowledge about fishing strategies.

Yes, this is the way I enjoy fishing...


Always... nature, fish, water and a bamboo rod!!!


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opax said...

I've never fished with a guide. That is mostly because guiding is relatively new here in Finland--and mostly aimed to tourists.

I like to make trips to new places, but I like my home waters at least as much. I prefer to focus on one or two local rivers per season. Learning the river, or part of it, is a challenge well rewarded.