Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pictures of memory

The last day of our recent trip holds one of the best memory pictures that I own into my collection. It was about 7 PM. Sebastian and I had fishing all morning long up waters from the camp. The fish were taken dries during periods and we got very nice fish on small dries, most of them caddies. At mid day we decide to got some meal and to disarm the camp and get all packed into the truck.
We prepare some "mate" and before decide our last fishing we talk about what would be our last place to fish. After a few minutes, with a great storm waiting we walk downwater to take a look to this part of the river that we don't fish before.


With our rain jackets on we cross the river and start our little "scouting" trip. We found a new kind of river there. The coast was high with deep pools at any curve. Using a carefully approach we saw many fish there and 1 or 2 monsters.


Sebas told me, "Dad it's your time" I will point that fish for you from the coast. I tied my fly and carefully jump into the river...
He point some fish that were taken and at a time he said, "Dad, don't move... the fish of the year is right here under me. What is he doing I said. He is eating? he is alone? he is moving? No Sebas said... he is there like a rock, but please be careful because it's really big about 30" or more.
I was using my CF625SSS 6´2" #5 so I was able to cast a big fly and look if the fish attack trying to protect his territory. I tied one of ours "Gaucho tarĂ¡ntula" and put it ten foots up the fish location...



The cast was great and the fly floated death direct into the monster territory. Sebas shout, he is looking , he is moving, oh... he left it!!!. I thought that if the fish made a move he was interested but my fly floated with the current and was not a threat for him.
I decide to make another approach. I cast my fly again, this time about 20 foots up from the fish. The fly floated with the current and when it was near the fish I became to skate it over the surface... Sebas shouts again, "Dad, he is moving, he is going up..." at the same time that he shout "he take it!!!" the water was broken into million of pieces and my rod and I felt the magic moment of fishing, the take!!!


We both were connected for a moment, perhaps two minutes... but was enough to know each other. What a wonderful fish I thought, we two, the fish and I will have a wonderful story to tell and to keep into our memory. I will became a better fisherman and he a better and more difficult fish. This little story don't have a beautiful "photo" as it deserves, the fish gone... And trust me this is one of my best beautiful pictures to keep, because it will be always there present into my mind, closest to my best fishing memories...
For sure you can imagine Sebas words, "Dad, I have done all the work... I pointed a great fish for you, and you let it go... shit!!! Don't worry my big son, I said... I got him, I got him deep into my memories.

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