Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surprise at the last Lang's Catalog

Looking at the last Lang's Catalog I found one of my rods into it, a very special rod... Very special because is the one that I made for Mr. Ernest Schwiebert, a CF704 7' #4 2/2
This rod, was made from the same piece of culm that I use to made Mr. Martin J. Keane rod and they are twins in every aspect. The CF704 is a very versatile rod and one of my "best seller" tapers, so if you want to pick a rod with a "little history" into it, here you can get the chance. Here is the praise into Lang's Catalog and a picture that I kept.

163 7' Calviello & Trucco Light Trout Rod. Made for Ernie Schwiebert in 2005, this 2/2 rod appears in new condition. One unique feature is the absence of metal ferrules. Instead, the base of the tips are swelled and hollowed out [like a female ferrule] to accept the butt section. The cane is nicely flamed, the wraps are cinnamon with black tipping, and all sections are full and straight. It has a screw up-locking reel seat with dark wood spacer. This beautiful rod has an agate stripper and is marked: "Specially made for Mr. Ernest Schwiebert".With the bag and labeled tube. ($900-$1,000)


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