Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three new rods

I was working hard for the last month finishing three new rods and making some new rodmaking work into the shop. This are 3 very different rods a 7', a 7' 6" and an 8'

CF704 Classic Browntone 7' #4 2/2
This is a very special little monster. I used my GurĂº taper to make it and is fully flamed


CF704Classic Browntone

CFH805+JF 8' #5+ 2/2 Hollow Build Jaguar Flamed Series
With a lot of backbone this rod can cast the line like a cannon.



CB764 7' 6" #4 2/2 Traditional Blondes Series
This is a very delicate rod, it cast like a lady but with full authority.



Just to share with all of you my last work.

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