Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dreaming stage

Everytime I start a new bunch of rods many things flows arround my mind. In the first part of this work, I select each cane trying to listen what each piece of cane is trying to say. This part of the work, when you split the cane and them work over the nodes is very special because if you pay attention you can find a special taper for each pole.

Them the dreaming start, who will be the owner of this new rod?, where it will go? what rivers, streams will be waiting for it?... no better I will keep this one for my personal use, no again... I own many rods and I must sell these ones I can keep every new rod I made. Any rod is a particular dream and really a little part of these dreams goes with each cane that leave the shop. I know that someday I'll receive a story about the rod, fishing in some water around the world and it will refresh my memories returning my mind into his making process.

At this time five new rods are waiting for the second stage of the making, and I can assure you that I perfectly know what I can spect from each one.
Each have it's personality and each his power, my work is try to show all it's potential and bring it alive. When they got finished they will be ready to make their work, fishing of course, any rod that leave the shop was made looking and thinking in this purpose.


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