Friday, December 19, 2008

It's not bad for his first day!

Sebastián my big son fly the day before yesterday to his first trip to Patagonia. He sent me this picture... his first fish on his first day of the trip.

Place: Malleo River, at the public waters zone.
Fly: Sauce worm # 14
Rod: Calviello CF704SSS 7´ #4 2/2 Swelled Sealed Series.
Reel: Hardy Sirrus


More pictures

Malleo rainbow

Chimehuin brown with the CB765 7' 6" 2/2 #5 that I made for my son about 10 years ago.

CF704SSS in action

The result, 28" brown at the Malleo River

Another Malleo rainbow

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Jory Ward said...

I love the look of your rods, so nice looking. what is the native cane that you use for your rods? I started building rods about a year ago and i love it. you are an inspiration to me.