Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day October 15º (The environment)

I really love this idea of the Blog Action Day. I think it's a great move and it will keep us thinking for a minute or two, considering what we can do, how any of us can help.
This world is our home... and sometimes we act as if any other were living on it.
I asked my daughter Mechi, to sing a song for me, and I'd introduce some images so please take a look and send this to your friends, show it to your son's, brothers and parents.
I'm sure that we can do something together.
The song is called "Honrar la Vida" (Honor life), I made a translation (please forgive me for the mistakes), and put some images on it.
Hope you like it.

Song belongs to Eladia Blazquez.
Liric's Mechi Calviello
Editing Marcelo Calviello

Thank you for take a look

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