Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

One of the last rods finished was "The Golden Salmon". This was a new taper that I designed specially for my talented friend Dr. Paul Hermann. Paul made one of the best reels that you can find in the world.
Paul hermann´s reels3

Paul ask me to make a Salmon Rod for him to fish Atlantic Salmon at The Cascapedia, next year. At that time I was also looking for a taper that let me fish "Dorado" here in Argentina, so the same taper was made in two different ways. Paul´s rod is a CFH867 8' 6" 2/2 Hollow Build Series and mine is the same taper but "SS" Sealed Series.
This will be a hard test for the rod, Paul told me that at the time he fish The Cascapedia big Salmon (30 pounds +) are taken, so I'm anxious waiting for the battle and some pictures.
I sent my rod to Paul, last week and I received this wonderful picture and a post at TCFRForum.

The Golden Salmon

Just got my new Atlantic Salmon rod....the "Golden Salmon" made by our own Marcelo Calviello.....8 ft 6 for 7wt line.....A masterpiece like this deserves a new reel to go with balances perfectly...This rod is fast...very fast, just like I like them... double haul most all the line with already has it's first engagement lined up in early June on the, it's a sweet casting rod...thanks Marcelo...