Monday, October 22, 2007

Question & answers about Bamboo Ferrules

Last weekend into The Classic Fly Rod Forum a question of a member ask about the behavior of Bamboo ferruled rods.

Here is the question by Boo...

Your opinion about Bamboo - bamboo ferrules
"I know there are several makers making bamboo to bamboo ferrules. But, I'd like to hear from fly fishers that actually fish them. I'd like to know if anyone has used one of these rods fo years and fish's the rod hard, frequently using them hours at a time, not just for the special occasion. They've really got my interest but I've read reviews from only the makers themselves. If you have a bamboo-bamboo ferruled rod and have fished it often for a number of years I'd like to hear your review or opinion on these rods. Thanks!"


BlaskHillsBill said

My favorite 7' rod for 4 wt is a bamboo-on-bamboo ferruled Special Editon from Marcelo Calviello, which I got in 2004. I fish it hard for ten days to two weeks on my annual June trip to my native Black Hills streams, then fish it several times at Henry's Fork in late August and early September. It is as good as the day I got it and will manage fish from 8" to 18"--and beyond, I suppose, but that's a maybe-next-season proposition. Waxing the bamboo of the male ferrule occasionally is all that's necessary, and putting it away dry of course. This rod has a wonderful capacity for shooting line, if that becomes necessary. If you've never seen one of Marcelo's rods, you're in for a treat when you do. Both his craftsmanship and the rod's cosmetics are flawless. And, yes, feel free to call that an endorsement.

Bill's rod

CF704SE "The BlackHillsBill" 7' #4 Special Edition Series

Arthurk said

"Bill described the typical Calviello rod very well both in terms of aesthetics and as a fishing instrument. I have 2 bamboo ferruled rods, an 8ft 2/2 5wt hb jaguar flame from Marcelo and an 8ft 2/1 Fries Hammer. Both are casting cannons that cast to the backing even on slightly breezy days. Marcelo's rod is faster action with a sensitive tip for casting leader only while Bjarne's rod is more parabolic and loves long pick-ups & rollcasting. BTW, bamboo ferrules allow perfect alignment as they are hexagonal in most cases. Marcelo's ferrules are easy to put together and take apart and needs occasional waxing to remain perfect while Bjarnes ferrules are very tight and can be tough to take apart after a long day's casting without his little gizmo but I'm not complaining. I find that loose ferrules happen ( even on graphites) due to bad casting technique especially poor tracking and I hardly blame the bamboo ferrule for this problem. I believe that bamboo ferrules will be another great modern maker's invention and to back my claim I am ordering more bamboo ferruled rods and even making one of my own. I also use my bamboo ferruled rods for saltwater/estuary fishing and they have held up to the tougher environment. For your information, the exposed part of most bamboo ferrules are impregnated for strength and water resistance. So far, I have no problems even after fishing in the tropical rain and high humidity of Singapore."

Good luck with your search

Arthurk's rod
CFH805+JF 8' #5/6 Hollow Build Jaguar Flamed Series

Another answers

Canerod said

"I fished an 8' three piece bamboo ferruled rod hard all summer and fall. And it spent the summer in my vehicle in Louisiana heat. It seems to have held up quite well.

I know I make rods, and therefore might not qualify to answer this question. But before I began to offer bamboo ferruled rods as an option on rods I sell. I wanted to make sure they would hold up. I'm impressed. Many thanks to Hans Schlecht, Marcelo, and others who helped start me down this path."

Kai said

"I have one. I like the way it casts. It casts as well as (if not better than) any rod I've used. The ferrules have a habit of coming apart however, which is pretty frustrating."

I sent a private message to Kai saying that if his rod was one of my BOBFS ferruled rods or not the problem could be solved easily. His answer was that it was not one of my rods, but we will be working in the following days to fit his ferrule problem.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marcelo,

Bohemian Bob then said that its all a gimmick without qualifying that some bamboo ferruled rods can be fantastic casters. I do not feel his discouraging opinion merits an answer especially knowing how open I am to new inventions. However, I feel the need to post here to encourage you to pursue your vision like all great rodbuilders. Bamboo ferrules are not about reinventing the wheel but to reintepret the capabilities of a natural material without resorting to metal fittings. For me, its about the search for purity and not look for shortcuts. Architects say that 'a brick wants to be an arch'. The roman arch lasted thousands of years while steel reinforced concrete fails in just a few decades.The roman arch respected the honesty of material and outlasted the steel. The same will happen for bamboo ferrules.