Wednesday, September 26, 2007

3 NEW Tapers...

I was working for the last 2 months with 4 NEW rods. The first one is a 8' 6" Salmon Rod Hollow Build Series for a #7 line, 2 tips, uplocking reel seat with fighting butt, full tipped... I baptized this rod as "The Golden Salmon".

CFH867 8' 6" #7 2/2 Hollow Build Series
Paul's rod.jpg

Other NEW one is another 8' 6" #7, this taper was designed specially for Dorado fishing. This one is an Hollow Build SS (Sealed Series) that also will allow this rod to do some fish into salt water. This are 2/1 configuration rod.

CFH867SS 8' 6" #7 2/1 Hollow Build Sealed Series
CFH867SSS (1).jpg

Another new CFH867SS
CFH867SSS (S).jpg

The last one is a taper that was surrounding my mind for years. It's a 7' true #3 rod. For my experience the perfect rod for little streams.

CF703SS 7' #3 2/1 Sealed Series


Jay said...

The short rod looks amazing Marcelo!


Marcelo Calviello said...

Thank you Jay. What really surprised me is how it cast, great authority for a #3 little rod.

Jay said...

You are making me very curious....