Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday's fish pictures

The "Pejerrey" or (Basalichthys bonariensis) is also knowed as "Silver arrow". This fish is one of the most popular fish here in Argentina. You can find it at lakes, rivers and also into the sea. They grows up to 2/3 pounds, about 30 inches. Normal fish are 15/20 inches long. It´s very popular because is very good to eat. It's fished with floating lines (not fly fishing ones) with 3 or 5 bouys and with the hooks very near the surface. Last year we made a try with fly fishing, using a #4 rod a floating line and little epoxy flies (like little shads), our surprise was great when we got a lot of them with great fight and high air acrobatics like Salmon. We need a little more of investigation because this fish moves on great schools and there are a little hard to find... but we will do in the mean time.



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