Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

This one is another rod that went to Japan. I remember my first contact with Emmanuel... He wants a rod to fish Japanese rivers and at that time I have a ready to go CF704 7' #4. The rod was sent to Japan into the same airplane that took the Boca Juniors Football Team to play the final of the World Football Champion Cup.
After this Emmanuel help me to introduce my rods into the Japanese market.
This is the last rod I sent to him for his personal use CFH704 7' #4 Hollow Build Series



I received a mail and pictures when the rod arrived to Japan.

This little email is to express you my gratitude for making such wonderful rods. I recieved your CF704, opened the tube and there: WHAAAAAAA!!!!!!! stuned by the classic finish of the rod. But that was just the start, cause then, I took it to the river... I know your rods, I had already a #4 Hollow build, and I really love it. So with the new one I was expecting pretty much the same sensation during casting, the 2 rods being the same line size, and about the same length. But I was not prepared for that, this rod is an absolute dream to cast. And at all range, the loop is perfectly tight, the turn over is flawless, and above all this sensation of easyness during the cast, even an average caster like me feels like Charles Ritz!
I should call this rod “OPERA” taken in the latin sens of the word: "masterpiece"!!

Thanks again

Emmanuel Pourchet



Thank you my friend.

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