Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dancing with "Boos" III

Here's the transformation process. Again "dance" can be used as example. Why?... because again a couple are going to share all this experience. I like to compare this stage of the rod making process with "Tango" because very passionated actions take place at this moment. After I select the piece of cane and the taper to use, I need to convince her... The piece of cane must be cut, measured, separate in pieces, nodes are taken, all under pressure... but with grace, with passion, with love to get "her" convinced to finish as a blank that would be the first part of the magic transformation from a dead piece of grass into a great fishing bamboo rod for the rest of it's life.
That's the reason why, I love to hand planing all my rods, because I dance with my partner every step of this wonderful music, and while transformation flows, after any step I know more and more about "she".
Music by one of the masters Astor Piazolla "Cité Tango".


Anonymous said...

Me encanto Marcelo, te felicito, buenisimo !!!!

Jay said...

Marcelo I really enjoyed the clip!
Much more high tech than the Powerpoint presentation I made from your postings on Clark's Forum a few years ago.

I just added a posting on this nice movie clip on my blog.


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