Friday, September 28, 2007

Report from the CRG (Catskill Rodmakers Gathering)

A few months ago, I decided to make a "special rod" to be donated to The Classic Fly Rod Forum.
This rod was a CF805 8' #5 2/2 Traditional Flamed Series.


This was a "gratitude rod" to the Forum and all it's members, because they supported my work from the beginning. I have many friends there that encourage me every day, to continue with my work. They help, making me feel accompanied at this far part of the world and for sure that's very important for me, it's a way to speak "bamboo language" day after day.
The Forum decided to donate the rod to Casting for Recovery to be "raffled" and I'm very happy with this decision, it make me feel proud being a little part trying to help this great organization.


A few weeks ago Peter (Pvansch1) from the Forum, take the rod to the CRG and yesterday he sent this report to me.

I would like to Thank Marcelo first for building and donating a fantastic rod to the Classic Fly Rod Forum. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship, with his special bamboo ferruling system. This system removes the feeling of a “dead spot” from the traditional nickel silver ferrule.
I had the opportunity to cast this rod with a Phoenix Silk DT5 line and a Cortland Sylk WF5 line. It may well be my casting ability, or lack of, but the rod for me cast farther with the Sylk line.
The rod was available for anyone to try at the Catskills Rod Makers Gathering; it was well received and cast by many. I had the pleasure of speaking with and answering many questions about the rod. Hopefully all were as enthusiastic as I was to finally get an up close and personal look at Marcelo’s work.
With a relaxed casting stroke and mild haul, this rod would easily lay out 70+ feet of line, again my casting ability limited what the rod could really do. Watching others cast it usually brought a smile to their face and a “WOW”. Many people were able to lay out a whole lot of line with this rod.
In comparison to a few Dickerson 8013 copies I have cast this one fits right in with them. I would love an opportunity to fish it as I believe it would be as fine a fishing tool as it is a casting tool.
The rod came in a beautiful metal tube with custom made ends with a nice wood insert for the caps. All aspects of the rod are beautiful – It was donated to the “The Classic Fly Rod Forum” to be used as an auction item with the proceeds going to “Casting for Recovery” breast cancer cure. Please keep an eye out for it and purchase your tickets for a chance to win the Calviello and Trucco Rod, a Phoenix Silk Line and a Gary Lacey Reel.

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