Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

This is a big story of a little rod...


About 2 years ago, I designed the Short Series. These are little rods that were made to fill a delicate type of fishing for very "distrusted" rainbows that I use to fish at Sauce Chico stream in Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires. I started making one for my personal use that was sold one day after it was finished. Them I decided to go for the second one, the history was repeated and it went to Japan a week later. The third one was made again thinking firmly that I will keep it.
As always I published a picture of the finished rod at the Classic Fly Rod Forum. One day after that, I received an email from Mr. Paul Fischer that said: "Marcelo I want that rod... " I tried to explain Paul that was the third time that I try to make this rod for my use and if he like it I can make a new one for him. Paul was convinced that he wanted the rod that he saw at the picture and as you can imagine the rod was shipped to the US in the following two days.


I received this letter from Paul talking about his rod:

Hi Marcelo,

What can I say about my beautiful "little Jaguar flamed"??

I can say that it's one of the best bamboo rods I've ever cast and very versatile!

When most people think of the "little rods" they quite often shy away from them because they think of their limited use. They are correct sometimes when they think that, but your rods are the exception. With your bamboo ferrules and lightweight rods a magical experience is witnessed each time I use that rod. When I need a little (or allot) more casting distance my little Jaguar gives it to me. The weight factor, even on a small rod like this, still comes into play. It's like holding a feather in your hand and becomes an extension of your arm. You can aim and place the fly anywhere you want it. The hidden "power" that comes from the bamboo ferrules on a longer cast makes it seem like I'm using a much longer rod. And when you're fishing for native brook trout in the mountains of Pennsylvania it is truly the perfect rod, and will handle even a 20 incher!!

The cosmetics are second to none and this rod is one of my favorites in my bamboo arsenal, and IS my favorite in the smaller rod category.

Keep up the good work!!!

Paul Fischer
Bethlehem, PA USA



Again... I love this letter and those wonderful pictures!!!
Big fish... little rod that is simply magic, thank you Paul for take my rod (sorry your rod) fishing!!!

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