Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

Years ago when I decided to begun to export my rods into new countries I received this email, from a man that I only know from his famous newsletter "The Planing Form", Mr. Ron Barch.

Good Morning,
My name is Ron Barch and I am the editor of an intenational newsletter called The Planing Form. The newsletter links split bamboo rod makers from 15 countries.
A friend told me about your website and I find it most interesting, especially your use of native bamboo. You are the first makers to seem to have success with cane other than Arundianarai amabilis. I wish I could travel to Argentina to cast of one your rods.
Also, your use of a new ferrule design makes your rods unique in the commercial market. We have used such ferrules in North America but never on rods for sale to the public.
I would very much like to tell my readers more about your split bamboo rods and constructions processes. Any added information or printed material you could send me would be most appreciated. If you would like to know more about me check out the website
Also, if you send me your mailing address I will send you some copies of The Planing Form newsletter.
One more question. Do have representatives in North America? If so I could contact them and maybe get a chance to cast one of your rods.

Best Regards,
Ron Barch/editor
The Planing Form newsletter

At that time I had sent 3 rods for evaluation to Mr. Art Lee, Mr. Ernest Swchiebert and Mr. Martin J. Keane. Another one was my first "Guru Rod" that goes to Mr. Sante Giuliani (Banjo).
I decided to send a new one to Ron, because his knowledge about rodmaking and rodmakers will gave me also a great evaluation about my work.
I decided to send him a CFH836 8' 3" #6 Hollow Build Series.


CFH836 2.jpg

This was the article that was published by Ron after the rod was received and evaluated.

Nota The Planing Form.jpg

Barch 5.jpg

Barch 3[1]C.jpg

Thank you very much Ron... this are great memories for me and for the pictures I know that you´re enjoying that rod.

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