Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One concept... friendly rods

After more than 35 years of fishing and collecting bamboo rods, I can tell you that I got the perfect sense of what I look for, into a rod. I had many, many rods and I can tell you that any time, when I had to choose my rods "to go", always my preferences were into 2 or 3 between more than 60.
Sometimes when I decide to give a chance to another one, I don't feel well, something was missing. When you got a real contact with a rod everything magically change. A big repertory of opportunities appear


Now as a rod maker, "friendly" is my first thought when I design a taper. I made fishing rods, not the ones to hold on the wall, the ones that love to be fished.
What I mean with friendly...? simply a rod that merge with your fishing style, a rod that simply work short or large, slow or fast when you need.


A straight line as the one in the picture gives me perfect control of my fly and leader. Modern fly fishing, without the big populations of the "Golden era" force to extreme every cast and you need to trust that you're doing your best. All your senses must merge in one, rod included.
Another thing that usually happen is that in our hurry world we don't have a month to fish. Our trips are for a day, three days or a week. I really missed that 50 days of continue fishing of my young days. This don't give us to much time to accommodate our casting to any rod. It must be
automatic. We are not able to lost one day trying to find a rod action.

Rods in action.jpg

So friendly is my concept to go when I design any taper. The BOBFS (Bamboo on Bamboo Ferrule System) was a great help with this find. Happen that they allow that any of my rods can do practically anything I ask to. In our waters, specially into the big rivers is usually to change from a #6 rod to a #4. This change could be dramatic if you have to adapt yourself to a completely different action. Friendly rods allows you to enjoy and get the most of you out of a fishing day. Can you think in a 10 feet's cast and them a 100 feet's?, that is what I try to mean.
Think how many of your owned rods are "friendly". How many of them just rest for years at their tubes...


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