Friday, August 31, 2007

Dancing with "Boos". II

Talking about tapers.

Whenever I tried to make something, I always want to give my best, that's why I never get involved anyone into my projects. What I'm trying to say is, that one of my rules is not to copy anything into any rod signed by me. I have full respect for all that gentlemen that in the past contributed to the rod making process. Every day I try to honor them making my job.
My years as an avid collector and fly fisherman, allowed me to test many rods and get a clear idea of what a good fishing rod would be. After that, I took the work of analyze and to compare each one of those tapers and understand the "why, the how and the for what".
Them, I made my own mess and after a not easy stage of "trial & error", I got my first taper. And you know what?... I love it!!!
Doubtlessly, my BOBFS (Bamboo on Bamboo Ferrule System), force me in that direction, but this happened after my first taper and rod was made, and for sure this gave me the confidence to face the new challenge.


I always loved tools, and that ones used for measurement are my favorites. They help me a lot at those time where don't was so easy to get rod measurements like now, with "internet" and "tapers collections". I've learned a lot and understood many things taking this measures because the measured rod was in my hands and in addition I was able to cast it and compare results.
Those were wonderful years of discoveries, but the years that were about to come, gave me the knowledge of an ability that I did not know... This was the ability to understand and incorporate the meaning of those "cold" numbers.


Now after many years, ever I work on a new taper, numbers just flow from...
Yes they flow..., don't ask me from "where, why or how", but this is what happens to me.
When the last station was finished, I make a review and make some adjustments if I feel that they were needed or something make some "noise" to me.
It's just like "dance"... hear to the music, feel it and leave your body, it will do the job.
Fast rods, slow action rods, parabolic ones, four's and six's, 5' , 7' 9" or 9', 2/2 and 3/2 are the resulting of "dancing with boos" a sensual mixture of feelings and numbers.


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