Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1st. Argentine Rodmakers Gathering

For the first time some bamboo lovers and some rod makers got together to share some experiences and fish together. There were three days full of bamboo talking, full of histories, fishing, good wines and incredible food. The meeting took place at Fortin Chaco, Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires. Fortin Chaco is an old and big "estancia" full of comfort. The Rio Chico river cross the property and runs along 15 miles.
A group of 15 bamboo fanatics invaded the "estancia" with a lot of rods to talk, fish and test.
AG2.jpg AG4.jpg
The Rio Chico river is private into the "estancia", so fishing is a very good experience. They are very difficult fish that live into cristal clear waters and knows everything about you and your fly box.
Very interesting river to fish, an near to Buenos Aires City. If you came for a working trip to Argentina and you have little time to fish this will be your destiny.
AG8.jpg DSC00546.JPG
DSC00563.JPG SierraI.jpg
Everybody got the chance to fish, test different rods, ask many questions and take a look to some rodmaking demostration.
DSC00534.JPG SierraIV.jpg
DSC00579.JPG DSC00575.JPG
A great trip and a great meeting I'm ready to the next one!!!
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