Friday, August 17, 2007

Fishing Argentine Trout Rivers II

Magical and mysterious, distant and desolated, it's called "The last border of the world", but... Tierra del Fuego and his Rio Grande are one of the most famous places to fish along the planet. Big Sea Runs enter every year into the river. Every season they lay eggs into this waters turning it into a destiny dreamed by many fly fishermen. Strong winds fight against you and your line every day, in order to don't let you put the fly where you want. I must confess that is not my preferred style of fishing but... I'm addicted to this waters.
My last trip was done about 3 years ago with Sebastián my big son and fishing partner. Was not a long trip, 3 days because of work... but was sufficient. The trip was arranged with Danny Lajous and he guide us during these unforgettable days.

18 pounds Brown resident.

We fish into 6 different "pools", and got more than 30 Sea Runs from 7 up to 18 pounds.

rio grande 9.5.jpg

I took with me my bamboo stuff, but this time the winds did not allow me to use them.


All the fish were strong and in great shape and many of them made us walk more than 100 meters before being able to remove them from the water.


Now with my New SSS I'm will be prepared for my next trip and will use my loved bamboo rod to give a try to this big beauties.


If you're thinking big and want to make the trip of your life don't miss Rio Grande at Tierra del Fuego, for sure it will be unforgettable.


Magical and mysterious, distant and desolated... but perhaps here lives, "The Trout of your Life".


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