Thursday, August 2, 2007

"New kids on the Blog"

I must confess that I'm always looking for people to "be converted" to flyfishing and bamboo rods. I know for expertise that "kids" are great and enthusiastic, also they learn fast and they are always ready and looking for more.
Some years ago, I was finishing a rod for a Japanese customer when my little daughter Pilar came into the shop. She stand up behind me and said, "Daddy I love that red tips wraps over that rod, I really like it and some day I will own one of those".
It lacked one month for its next birthday so I decide to make a little rod as a present.

CF5103 5' 10" #3 line Pilar's Rod


I made the rod with some special features like a small grip, wrapped in "Light Olive" with her loved "red" tips and with a "Barbie" colored bag to bring her attention.
When the Birthday come in a family ceremony we gave it to her. You never can imagine her smile. These pictures can show you some moments of that special day and the next one.


She loved her rod and so do I and I have to take permission every time I want to use it.
Sometimes "toys" become into real instruments like happened to me last year when I took Pilar's rod to the "First Argentine Rodmakers Gathering" and I fished a little with it.


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