Monday, August 6, 2007

Welcome to my shop

One year ago I finished the construction of my new shop. Now everything is into it's place.
I decide to make different stations to take care off the different stages of rod making process. This allows me to always find my tools when I need them, and also light conditions and hardware is near when I look for them.

Here you can see an outside view with some cane exposed to sun for it cure process

The working&tying desk
Here's my working place, fly tying and computer desk.

I made all the dirty process like selection, measurement, first cutting and splitting outside.
and them when I got my first stage completed, the future rod goes into the shop.

The bench
This is my working bench. You can see there my plane collection and my planing forms.
All the planing process is made "by hand" at this station.

The Table
At this station a big table support my binding machine, I also work into nodes there and with my mini lathe. This is an all purpose big table that let me work with rods pieces without problem.

Wrapping table
My wrapping and finishing station.

Lathe station where grips and tubes are made.

Varnishing and drying cabinet.


Thank you for visit my shop, you're welcome every time you want.

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