Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday's Rod in action sequences

One of the best allowances that fishing gave to me were "pals". One of them is very near me from many years ago. He is irreplaceable at any of my fishing trips, he is my fishing partner, he is "my friend", he is my son... Sebastián start fishing at a very young age and he crossed next to me innumerable rivers here in Argentina and others around the world.


I have nothing to said about his casting abilities, although I must confess that I'm always pressing him to improve, as any father with his little "boy".
This year when I design the new SSS's (Swelled Sealed Series), I made a 7' #4 for him and ask for an extensive test.



The first day, at night I received a mail with this praise "Dad the rod cast like a dream!!!, and here you have some pictures to prove that". He was fishing at the Pulmari river, at one of our secret spots. The mail finished like this "there you have a rainbow and a brown, you need more?. The following was at the same spot but with different fish.



We love this little rods and they really make a good job at any medium size river.

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