Monday, August 27, 2007

If you're hurry go slow

I learn this simple advice, after losing many days of work in my beginnings. Sometimes the "rush" take us to a point where what we have done cannot be repaired and the piece was lost.
In my personal experience I like to make my grips over the blank. I know that is dangerous... but I have always done it this way and after more than 200 rods I never found a problem if my work was planned with order and time.
When I decide to work on grips I always repeat the same routine.
1) I work with the blank, I take the needed measures and make some marks as a guide.
2) Calculate the amount of material that I will use and prepare 25% more, just in case.
3) I made all the meticulous work like joints, reel seat adjustments and fighting butts (if the rod takes one).
4) I get together all the tools that I will need.
5) I put everything over a table and make the last review for something missing.
6) I prepare the glue and do the work.


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