Monday, August 6, 2007

Fueled with "passion"

I always like to take some images as example. I remember when I decide to start making bamboo rods I was alone, into a far away country but with a great desire to take the challenge.
I remember friends saying to me that I was mad. I had happened great part of my life running an advertising company, but something inside was telling me that I had to take the challenge.
Passion gave me the needed anger to make all my tools and to save my beginnings problems.
I made all my tools... I remember that it takes about a month with a hand file to finish my first planing form.
I become looking and testing all cane species available here in Argentina.
Designed my BOBFS (Bamboo on Bamboo Ferrule System), designed my own tapers, my reel seats, my rod Series, my tubes...
Passion fueled my dreams and them with time they come to reality.


A big "hurra" to Mr. Potts because for sure he is fueled with "passion"

If you feel something strange at your skin when listen to Paul, you're fueled with it also.

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