Friday, August 24, 2007

Golf, Made my Day...

When I wake up this morning I was prepared to take care of one special rod. I'm making a Salmon rod for my friend Dr. Paul Hermann. Yes the one that made so wonderful reels that I showed at "The Beauty and The Beast" post. After taking breakfast I went to the shop and start looking for the stuff. I leaved all prepared yesterday but, something was wrong nothing was at it's place. When I decide to prepare the glue something happened and the middle goes into the floor. Sheet!!! The phone begun to ring, one, two... ten times and yes I decide to quit.
I need and always select my days for different jobs, that's why I always like to have rods at different stages of process.
Walking around the house, I felt like a lion in jail, so I took my golf bag and ran to the golf course. I have one ten blocks from home. It was a wonderful day I hit my driver like I have never done. Finish the 18 holes and my head was clean and ready to try the work again.
When I returned, all was magic, all the stuff were at their place and the work flowed from my hands like music.


This grip was special because I want to make an attached fighting butt into this rod. All my standard process change and I have to position different jobs at different stages. But as you can see, at this time the rod owns the new grip and a reel seat that would be perfect for Salmon style fishing.
The rod is a 8' 6" 2/2 #7 Hollow Build Series. CFH867
Here you can take a look at the rod with Paul's reel attached. Paul now I'm ready to varnish and wrap your new "Golden Salmon Rod".


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