Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday's Rod in Action sequences

I will post every Saturday some pictures of some of my rods fishing around the world. Every time I made a rod, I have only one thought "it will be the best fishing rod I made". So all the pictures that I received from friends and customers are like gifts for me.
I always try to make the best looking rods but I never forget that they are for fishing, so I love to see them into full action.

Bamboo Rod (Jor…aying fish).jpg
Here's my good friend Jorge Trucco with his CF704 7' #4 2/2 rod fishing at the Malleo River in Argentina.

Bamboo Rod (netting fish) 1.jpg
Jorge runs in Argentina the best fishing company, Patagonia Outfitters. He is a professional guide and rods must work for him. As you can see, he ask everything you can ask to a rod. Oh My God!!! I can't see this picture...

Bamboo Rod (netting fish) 2.jpg
Luckily the fight finished, and his rod is complete.

News & Media.jpg
The Malleo River... It always award us with beautiful fish like this one.

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