Thursday, August 23, 2007

Comments & ?


Hi folks

I'm looking to optimize the blog, so I will need your help. When I begun this project I did it as a new way, a modern way to be in touch with all the Bamboo community. I'll try to use every minute and break time at my working day at the shop to keep it updated. I'm very happy with the new idea, lots of subscribers, but now I need to know a little about any of you.
Are these the type of articles you want to read?, what you prefer? histories, fishing trips, rod making, rod pictures... I'll need your help to know what you really need or want to read.
If you have any comment about this Blog or if you have question about rods, rod making, fly fishing, fishing bamboo rods or fishing Argentine waters please let me know, make your comment, or ask your question. I need to know if this is interesting and useful for you.
Please use the comment button at the end of any post or send it to my mail you can find it at my profile.
I'm very happy making this blog every day, because I can share all my passion with all, but I need to hear for you. Sure you have something to say, good or bad it will be welcome.
Help me to improve this communication!!! We can make it better together.

Thanks and best regards from Argentina.


Jay said...

I'm looking forward to your insights on bamboo building as well as fishing adventures from Argentina!

Keep up the good work!


Ps. Looks like the Guru rod making pictures are reissued! ;)

Marcelo Calviello said...

Thank you very much Jay. Yes I will do a new version of a rod making follow up. In fact I was thinking to show any new order rod in process. I need to do some technicals adjustments.


Jay said...

I think it's very interesting to see how much work and dedication is involved in making a rod.



Surely I’m not the right person to talk about rodmaking or even fishing topics, but I really know how to talk about people, about talent and about passions… My psychology studies and all the Human Resources experience gave me solid tools to identify the outstanding persons, the bests, and to understand their interests and motivations.
Although, I’m also sure that the personal experiences are the ones that teach us more in our lifes… and I was lucky to have as father, a model if we talk about people, about talent and about passions.
Since I was a girl, it always took my attention the passion and dedication with what he embarks on every new activity, and they are not few! Every time he begins a new topic, he squeezes it out and you can be sure that everything you needed to know, he made the appropriate research. But he’s not always satisfied with what he finds, and what already exist, he always ask himself how it could be better? And then he works on it.
For me it’s really clear: he loves what he do, and he overturns all his energy giving always his best, in a constant search of excellence and improve. He never gives up, he persists with what he put foward and he achieves it. He’s a talent, he’s an entrepeneur, he’s passionate, and he’s my father.

I’m really proud!!!

Florencia Calviello

Marcelo Calviello said...

Thank you Flor.
That was...
too much...