Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fishing Argentine Trout Rivers I

Whenever I think about a new fishing trip for Trout I start from the same point. I take a world map and look for different alternatives... I have many "to do" fishing trips, New Zealand because I have listened too many good stories about this wonderful country and just I like to compare it with Argentina. Also receipt many invitations to fish United States waters. I have many good friends there and also it's an experience that I wish to make some day. Those traditional places like The Catskills, Montana, Idaho and many other waters that are a classic for Trout fishing are also on my first list.
But for one thing or another always I found a new place to test before in Argentina, a new river, or some confidential fresh data coming for a friend.
Places like this one keep me attached to my waters. Also in addition I believe that I have harvested a lot of knowledge during my trips year after year. I remember years ago, many years... when rivers were plenty of fish. Things tend to balance because at that time my knowledge was limited. Now we don't have that amount of fish but, now I can see the fish, I can think as fish, I know about them and his territory.
Foto vieja.jpg Salmon2032.jpg

Whenever I arrive at the South of Argentina to our Patagonia I take a look to the rivers, to my places and instantly I start to think as a fisherman. Paying attention to each change, the height and transparency of the water, new rocks, trees... and all change that each place could have suffered.


Compensate is always there waiting for the indicate fly at the right moment.


Argentina is a paradise for fishing and years to fish into this rivers convert me into a reference to many friends asking for places to fish. If sometime you think about a fishing trip to Argentina don't forget to book this rivers. "Chimehuin Boca", Chimehuin , Malleo, Alumine, Ñorquinco, Pulmarí, Malalco, Quillén, Collón Cura, Quilquihue, Filo Hua Hum, Cafeufu, Meliquina, Traful and Rio Gallegos... and the famous Rio Grande at Tierra del Fuego and more... much more.



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